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Monday, April 30, 2012

This and that from the weekend

Well I was hoping this wouldn't happen...I was hoping Monday morning would never come! We have been so busy the past couple weeks with the move, filming for House Hunters and things we call full time jobs (and Jon has been traveling for work quite a bit). So this weekend was the first we had to ourselves. I was in the BEST mood Friday knowing we didn't have any concrete plans, it was joyous! We didn't want to sit on our behinds all weekend but we wanted to go with the flow. 

  • Notice anything different about my blog?? Thank you to Melissa from Cherry On Top for helping me out! If you are looking for help, check out her site! She is amazing and SO literally took hours for her to finish!
  • I crafted while Jon drafted. I told Jon I wish I had something I loved as much as he loves the NFL. I have taken up interest in the Browns since we met because I love seeing him so happy. I have to say...watching all 20 hours this weekend hit my quota of watching ESPN
  • We used to live 5 minutes away from an indoor basketball court and Jon has been missing that lately so we checked out the neighborhood courts that night. The sunset was beautiful and we had a blast
  • It's no secret we have an obsession with froyo. Sadly we moved away from our favorite yogurt shop, Yogurtland, so we've had to improvise. Look what I found at our new grocery is frozen GREEK yogurt. Healthy right?!

  • Breakfast was banana bread pancakes...recipe to come...omg delicious! (we like anything covered in peanut butter and honey)
  • Saturday was our neighborhood garage sale and I scored some fun stuff and most of it was free :-). I had no idea that so many people would be putting stuff on their driveways with "free" signs...score! I told my sister I could have bought her an entire baby registry if she knew the sex of her baby...this neighborhood is a baby factory!
  • It was so cute, we heard little girls yelling "cookies! lemonade! Help cure cystic fibrosis!" so I went outside and recognized Eliot from Quints by Surprise on TLC. I told her I would go get my money and come to her stand...and I am glad I did! I got to meet the quints and their mama and turns out they live right around the corner from us! So cool! Jon asked me if I told them we were reality TV stars too...hahaha um no.
  • The rest of the day was spent organizing the garage (we can put our cars in there now..yay!), painting Jon's office (still need to finish) and yardwork. A neighbor came over and said how nice it was we were mowing the lawn for our parents...haha. Do we look THAT young?!
  • Ernie was very exhausted (and I am noticing a sleeping trend for him)
  • We were both literally covered in dirt and achey from yardwork so we showered and decided on date night. We went to Mesa Rosa and I had a major food-gasm while eating the steak enchiladas. If you live in Austin...GO! We ended our hot date with a stop to Home Depot, our home away from home. We picked up paint, primer and a few other things. We want to put up crown molding in Jon's office so we did some looking around...

  • We slept in, yay, and went to 11a church. I was so focused and moved with the sermon yesterday and the music was perfect. Our pastor talked about 6 different brain wirings and how they mold our relationship with the Lord. We had a friend come with us and then had a yummy lunch at home.
  • When I did our first load of laundry in our new washer/dryer last weekend, I had a feeling something was up. We bought a floor model GE energy saver set for a steal of a deal without much research (which is VERY unlike my husband). Something was definitely wrong with the washer, during spin cycles I thought the whole house was going to shake and crumble to pieces. Moral of the story, we returned them and opted to go with bigger, nicer ones. I've only ever used 3.5cu feet washers and our new one is 4.7 woot woot! We love our LG fridge and bought highly rated HE, energy star LG washer and dryer. Luckily Jon's awesome friend Ken (THANK YOU!) helped us tow the old ones back and new ones home. Friends rock! And I am obsessed
  • I just HAD to take a picture of this sign at the gas station in our neighborhood...hmmm



Kerrie Williams said...

You guys are too cute! I love the pirate pics haha

Amanda said...

You are so awesome, and so darn busy/productive! I love the pictures of you two with your peg legs. I like that Ernie now sleeps partially under the bed. Is it cooler under there or something?

GingerPeachT said...

Hahaha I did lol at your wooden leg! I thought something was off. :-) what a fancy washer!! I'd be so confused.
I guess you reality tv stars all live close together for a reason! That's pretty cool, but I haven't seen that show.
Oh I heard a great message yesterday too! It's life church online and the pastor is talking about soul detox. Yesterday was dealing with a heavy soul. It was perfect for me as I'm worrying about the future plans with my hubby trying to find a job.
Have a good Monday!

Ashley said...

That sign cracked me up! hehe...

I participated in a neighborhood garage sale but I would rather have been shopping it! :)
I love Quints by Surprise... how fun that you live near them!

Anonymous said...

Mmm Mesa Rosa is so good! Their fish tacos rocked my world.

And the banana bread pancakes also look delish- can't wait for the recipe!

And that washer looks amazing!

Claire Beeks said...

I love this post, Ruthie. It sounds like you had a great weekend, and are finally "settling" into the new surroundings. Best of luck with Zumba tonight! Let's hope Monday flies by at work!

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

Looks like a fun weekend! If I were in TX, I would totally take your Zumba class :)

Unknown said...

That picture of Ernie is so cute. I love that he sleeps with his legs all splayed out. I bet he puts his head under the bed because it's cooler and darker. Dogs can sleep any time of the day, but I bet they still prefer for it to be dark. He also probably equates it to a den type feeling. But yeah, SO cute. CAn't wait til I can get a puppy!

Anonymous said...

bahaha, love the Home Depot photo

and oh my gosh, steak enchiladas? Mouth watering!

Rachel said...

#1. I WISH SO BADLY I lived in Austin, because I would TOTALLY come to your Zumba class! #2. Your weekend seems so wonderful, and I lol'd at those peg leg pictures of you and Jon :) Too funny, girl!

Melissa said...

How is the frozen Greek yogurt taste wise? I've been thinking about trying it!

I am so jealous of your new appliances!

Michelle @ The Vintage Apple said...

So many things I love about this post! 1. Love your added designs to your blog! Cute! 2. Love your peg legs. Hot! 3. Can't wait to see the recipe for those banana break pancakes 4. I wish I lived in AUstin so I could get my Zumba on with you!


Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

So you are s total baller! And I think Ernie just wants a little peace and quiet. reminds me of what ostriches do. He just uses the bed

Julie Keller said...

I'm liking the makeover to your blog, more simplified. Love frozen yougurt, simply in love. So funny that you met, and are neighbours with Quints by Surprise - love that show. You should have said you too are TV starts :) Ernie's got a cute bum!

Lauren said...

Love the blog updates, and the peg legs, and the hubby does too, he may have caught a glimpse while I was reading. Hehe.

Carolyn said...

I love the new look! So cute! :) Especially the signature!! And I also love that you two went and played bball! So cute!

JJ said...

so jealous you met the Jones family. I love quints by surprise.

What a fun weekend.

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

The Home Depot pictures?! OMG i'm dying! I love how you say it's your "home away from home"-- sums up our life lately, too! ;)
Seriously, our neighborhoods sound identical, although I'm sure yours is way cooler than mine :) We just had the community garage sale a few weeks ago and it was all baby stuff, too!
So glad you guys had a wonderful weekend! xo

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