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Friday, October 7, 2011

How to Be Your Guy’s Year-Round Goddess

So thanks to The Nest I now know how to be a goddess for my husband year round! Hahaha. Some of their articles crack me up, well most of them, and I love to share them with you. Here is the link to the goddess article. Below are other articles I've blogged about from The Nest. 

So how can you be a rockstar wife/girlfriend? I know you are on the edge of your seat!! So here we go. My comments are in RED. 

Do a DIY Spa Night

After a long day at work, give him a foot massage, a hot bath, and a glass of (insert his favorite drink here). Make sure to bring enough last you both through the night!

Does Pedi-egging my husbands feet count?? Haha I know that is so gross, he actually does his own now. We have a few of those back massager things (that they hand out at tradeshows and festivals) that we call "magic". Massages are definitely a nightly thing in our household. 

Black pedi eggs are more manly right?

Make His Hobby for Two

Take an interest in one of his favorite pastimes: Watch a football/basketball/baseball game with him and prepare a homemade platter of his favorite munchies. If he likes golf, take a few lessons on your own and then wow him with your new skills on the course.

I have to admit I am becoming quite the NFL fan this season. Jon lives and breathes Cleveland Browns football and he has quickly morphed me into a "dawg pound" fan. Jon has a million hobbies, most of which I like (bowling, frisbee) but some things I  let him do on his own or with the guys (Madden, scary movies, golfing, pick up basketball). He is a really good sport if I need help with a craft (he has really good handwriting) or hanging a new picture so I try and reciprocate. 

Throw the Ultimate Guys' Night

Transform your house into the ultimate bachelor pad -- complete with poker, bar snacks, beer, and a classic video replay of his favorite team’s most memorable game. The whole crew will love you for it.

Jon is really good about planning man nights and they mostly happen at our casa since we are central to a lot of our friends. I usually plan something with girlfriends for the night and let the guys have reign of the house. Call me a bad wife but I let the guys fend for themselves at man night so I usually come home to take out bags and empty beer cans haha

No thank you...


Personalize a Crossword Puzzle

Sneak your own crossword puzzle inside his paper for his morning commute. When he comes home he’ll be sure to dot his i’s and cross his t’s.

Hmmm this seems like a lot of work considering Jon doesn't play the crossword and we don't get a paper! Cute idea though!

Be a Tourist

Be tourists for a day and snap cool retro pics of your hometown. A cult classic, the Picture Imperfect Diana camera produces soft and dreamy images with super-saturated colors, unpredictable blurring, and random contrast. Finish off your work of art by compiling a photo album collage of your campy visit.

Thanks to instagram I can edit my pics like they suggest above. A week from today the birthday bunny should be bringing me a new a DSLR camera so I can 'snap cool retro pics of your hometown'

Here is Jon in his hometown of Medina, OH in front of his high school

Sing in the shower

If your guy uses his showerhead as a microphone more than for water, get him this waterproof speaker, which transmits tunes from his MP3 at a safe distance. Load his music-maker with his favorite songs (and a few of yours, of course!)…and invest in some earplugs. 


Haha well I am definitely a singer in the shower...not so much Jon though! Maybe if I load some metal onto a waterproof speaker he would scream along with the music. 


Make Musical Coasters

Treat him to a 6-pack on music! Cut out and cover the inserts from some of his favorite CDs to create a set of coasters that he’ll love to accompany his favorite kick-back-and-relax playlist.

Hmm interesting idea. Too bad we don't use coasters :-/.


Question time!!

What are some things you do that cause your hubby/fiance/bf to call you a total goddess? Do you play WoW? Eat Philly Cheesesteak pizza? Or burp like a drunk?


Amanda said...

HA! Y'all are too funny. I love it! Wish I coulda joined y'all last night! I am buying my webcam this weekend! XO

Kristy said...

LOVE these!!! Ya'll are SO CUTE!!

Erinn said...

So this is really weird/awesome but my mom's whole family is from Brunswick, Ohio in Medina Co. and most of the family still lives there. I have spent many, many summers and christmases there and know Medina very well! Small world :D
I'm stopping by from the link-up @ Alana's blog and am a new follower!

Ashley said...

Jealous of your vid chats - they sound like fun!!

I don't think I could touch hubby's feet - I hate feet!

Bethany said...

This is so cute! Love that you pedi his hubby wouldn't let me get close to his. But I would if he asked : )

The Arizona Russums said...

Love this. I am always begging my husband for foot massages but he ALWAYS refuses because he 'doesn't like feet.' he seems to have no problem with feet though when he tickles mine in the morning when he is leaving for work and i'm still sleeping...

... said...

Hot dang! Homemade coasters and crossword puzzles...getting fancy for sure! I never liked working out at the gym but my boyfriend love I took an interest in it for I go almost everyday! I love it! :) Cute post Ruthie!

Alana said...

Seriously though, scraping the dead skin from your husband's feet--now THAT'S true love!

haha love you girl!

Heather said...

My hubby thinks I'm a "goddess" when I let him play xbox uninterrupted...

Coté Writes said...

Whoa, ped-egging takes wifely devotion to a whole new level here, Ruthie. I think I need to work on my goddess status and buy me a dead-skin scraper pronto. ;) I'd say the main things I do now for my husband are watch bad action movies, leave love notes, and make sure the fridge is always stocked with freshly cut fruit (his favorite snack). I think you are so right about giving your hubby space/autonomy with his own hobbies, by the way. Happy Friday! -Jennifer

henning love said...

i love this list, haha your responses cracked me up ruthie! my trick to being my man's goddess is making sure he has good food, he likes me packing his lunch every day and he always comes home to a dinner, and that is only only because i meal plan otherwise forget it!

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

love the lists! its so important to keep marriages young and fresh! i love it! so glad i stumbled upon your blog! too cute! can't wait to catch up on the rest of your posts! ♥

Taylor D. said...

"Does Pedi-egging my husbands feet count" Hahahaha. I laughed so hard at this. I don't know why. Feet gross me out, so my husband is on his own with his ped-egg :p so even I think you are a goddess to do that for him! He BETTER be calling you that. Who needs personalized cross words when you got a personal "ped-egg-ist"

love your blog FYI. I've come across it a few times. But now I'm following so I should be stopping by more often (:

Amanda said...

Definitely a great post! And why wasn't I invited to this video chat? Oh wait...I don't have Google+...lame. Have a great weekend, Ruthie!

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

haha! ruthie you crack me up! love this, girlie!

Anonymous said...

Y'all are SO cute!!! Newlywed love! :)

Meg said...

Very cute post, I love that you are a forever newlywed--love it!

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