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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Photo A Day pt 2

part 1 here

Day 17- green
chandalier @ a wedding

Day 18- corner of your home
my printer's box

Day 19- funny
if u haven't noticed, jon has massive calves . com

Day 20- before/after
before and progress...crafty for the new house

Day 21- delicious
the spread at small group, and this wasn't everything :-)

Day 22- kitchen sink
dinner thawing in the kitchen sink

Day 23- moon
not exactly a moon but dave owens music!

Day 24- an animal
ernie napping with his ball haha

Day 25- breakfast
a staple in our house

Day 26- key
love my skull and crossbone house key

Day 27- your name
our names on one of the million mortgage papers

Day 28- trash
i went through an entire package of this in 1 day

Day 29- feet
feet at the gym

Day 30- toy
this is my stress reliever

Day 31- where you relax
hate to admit it but relaxing while watching Kardashians

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are you participating in the challenge? here is april's prompt

February photo challenge part 1 & part 2


Nikol Schiller said...

Seeing all of your adorable and funny pictures of ernie makes me want to get a frenchie so bad!! Looks like a fantastic week!

Amira said...

Oh you chose the best pics for March photo-a-day. I love that your hubby has such large calves! Brandon has twig legs!!

Unknown said...

I love all of these! Haha, did you start a website for you husbands calves? That would be hilarious!

Amanda said...

Love all your photos! I'm going to try to stick to the April photo a day since I fell off the band wagon in March. Oops! Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Pretty much every photo of Ernie makes me smile. Such a cutie!

Kristin said...

Such fun pics! Loved the one with Ernie sleeping with the ball in his mouth! :-) We loooove cinnamon Kashi too. Especially in the fall. Happy house closing day tomorrow! SO EXCITING!

Lorraine said...

I just had to comment because I too have large calves and my friends always make fun of me when I cry about my calves not fitting in skinny jeans. I FEEL FOR YOU JON. ;)


Krista said...

That skull and cross bones key is a hoot! And of course, I love Ernie ;)

Abbey said...

Love these posts! Ernie looks so cute and so content with that ball wedged in there. What a fun little guy.:) good luck with the move, so excited for you guys!!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

That Ernie is apparently needing to know at all times where his ball is! I am thinking if you and those documents you have to sign. You should work out your hand instead if your body. It's a long process. I thought it would never end.

Karina Marie Powell said...

LOVE your blog! you guys are darling!!
Married life is the greatest! We just found out we were pregnant not too long ago and that's even more fun haha you will love it!!

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